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19th-Mar-2010 11:26 pm(no subject)
Wendy O
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20th-Mar-2009 04:52 pm - The Dinner Crowd
me camera tat smile
Hey guys I just made a community for discussions and activities. Anything is fair game from silly photo posts to serious discussion topics about identity and philosophy and politics. We have stamping but just for fun. The community is intended to be civil and polite, no jerks or snark. Definitely not a rating community.

I thought you guys might be interested. Hope it's ok for me to post this here.

thedinnercrowd...A discussion & stamping community.

Also, to the mods, if you're interested in becoming an affiliate to cross-promote a little off of each other's affiliate list/profile, then just contact me! Thanks!


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I just made a moogle hat and it is for sale in my shop as well as plenty of new pendants. I am willing to accept custom orders as well. I've got great hats, pendants, magnets, pin back buttons, and kawaii jewelry for any occassion. And if I dont have it, I can probably make it! Come check it out!

17th-Feb-2009 01:21 pm(no subject)
Leaving. Please add me if you want and/or let me know if this place becomes active again! I really hate that the last few entries are advertisements. ~.~

ps- If you're bored, come join/lurk 123insert!
1st-Feb-2009 11:58 pm - NEW UPDATES!!!!!!
I have posted new anime/kawaii and cosplay pendants and hats. I have also posted new kawaii earrings and hairties! So check out my shop

and check out my blog- having some neat promotional giveaways as well so check out past posts as well

31st-Jan-2009 02:57 pm - Check out the new items in my shop
Check out the new items up in shop
I have great prices and I love custom requests!
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