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The Two Funerals - Tell Yr Story 7" now up for pre-order!

Their songs are socially active, energetic, and empowering. Perfect to scream along to when the man's got you down.


There are 300 total, in these colors:
pink /32
gray /27
lavender /91
rose /148

First 5 to order get a hand numbered 50/50 copy of the test press along with it!

25th-Sep-2008 04:45 pm - YOUR FAVOURITE PUNK RECORD AND WHY.
Mine at the minute would have to be "Bug" by Autry.

You want sandwich
You want love
You want everything
You want bug!

Hit me. What's yours?
1st-Sep-2008 12:34 pm - A word from the new mod.
choke has passed on the torch, so I'll be moderating this joint now. Gives me something to do in my spare time. I've been going through your apps and shit, gettin to know you (and maybe checking a few of you out). If it's possible to abuse such a position I promise not to. Enjoy!
30th-Aug-2008 01:45 am - So...
I've been a terrible mod. And I've decided it'd be better if I gave the community to someone else, someone who'd give it the love and care and maintenance it deserves.

So, who wants this community?
28th-Jun-2008 06:01 pm(no subject)
Hey guise. I'm back again. I'm shaving my head tonight. Pics later. :D
20th-Jun-2008 08:43 pm - WE WANT REVOLUTION, GIRL STYLE NOW!"
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